What else we can do?

After fulfilling the first stage of “Seaman Passport Integration” your crew managers can get started, booking flights with our platform. This crucial integration is the minimum requirement to work with our platform.

If you wish to upgrade and make use of more comfortable features, we can set you up easily. There are some different upgrades we can do.

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Upgrade 1

Crew Change Integration

“Crew Change Integration” is the first upgrade we can provide after “Seaman Passport Integration” when your organisation is ready to take our platform to the next level. Crew Change Integration enables your crew managers to book planned crew changes within minutes. Here’s an image on the workflow:

When users enter a vessel and a date for a crew change, C Teleport will pre-fill all airports and passenger data. And this is what an actual crew change booking would look like when your crew managers are performing a crew change:

Upgrade 2

Reverse Integration

Receive data back into your crewing system

When a user performs any action with the booking, C Teleport can provide this data back to your crewing system. When a user books a flight, your software will know the itinerary and price. When a user cancels a flight, your software will show that there is no booking anymore. This way your crewing software will remain in sync with C Teleport.

Push or pull the data

You can choose between a push or pull approach. With the push approach, you will have to develop API endpoints, where C Teleport will push data on bookings to your system in real time. If you don't want to develop endpoint for some reason, you may choose to pull this data from C Teleport API endpoints. You will be notified of all states of your booking and corresponding ticket(s). Here are the states that we deliver to your system by default.

When you want to maintain top-level of security, you may pull the data about flights from C Teleport instead of pushing it. Please mind that unlike push, this method will not provide real-time synchronisation between C Teleport and your system.

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