Fully customise your travel policy

Let your team book freely and only approve flights when needed.
  • Stop overspending

    Make sure that all the flights are booked within budget.

  • Give freedom, stay in control

    Empower your team to book flights with minimum supervision.

  • Keep optimising, free of charge

    Update your travel policy as much as you need, it’s on us.

Set the travel policy that works for you

Stay in control of the budget by setting spending limits, and creating a fully customisable travel policy.
  • Pricing

    Set price limits depending on user, route or any other variable.

  • Ticket class

    Select who can book business class tickets and who requires approval.

  • Chained approval

    More than one manager can approve bookings in any situation.

  • Airlines

    Only book with the airlines your team is comfortable with.

Assign roles

Assign one or more roles to each member of your team.
  • Traveler

    Empower your captains and superintendents to book flights for themselves or the crew.

  • Booker

    Crew managers and crew assistants can book under policy without setbacks.

  • Approver

    Get the flights approved by the top manager of different departments like finance or security.

Create exactly the travel policy you need.
All you have to do is ask!

Approve or decline
flights booked out
of policy

Other ways to be flexible

From bookings, to integrations and expense tracking, all in one place.
  • Easy booking

    Experience the flexibility and ease of booking marine flights. Change and cancel flights in a few clicks.

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  • Easy invoicing

    Receive customised invoices only after the flight. That's like 3 times fewer invoices.

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  • Crew software integration

    Connect C Teleport to your crewing software and forget about entering data manually and typos!

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You only have to pay the ticket price and a single ticket fee. Credit card fees may apply.
  • No set-up fee

  • No licensing fee

  • No maintenance fee


With an unlimited number of users