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C Teleport is a proud member of the EBAA and NBAA

c teleport is a member of ebaa
c teleport is a member of the nbaa
  • Multi-Source Search

    Search multiple sources in one go to find the best routes and fares for you. Don't limit yourself to only one location or source.

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  • 24/7 customer support

    Whenever you need us, we'll be there. Any time, any where; our teams around the globe are ready to help.

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    Thanks to our easy-to-use interface, anybody in your company can start finding and booking the best flights for your crews.

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Book flights with
complete flexibility

  • Free cancellation deadline

    Enjoy flexible travel with a free cancellation option on most tickets, non-refundable included.

  • Change & cancel in the app

    With just a couple of clicks you can change or cancel any ticket.

Connect to your
crewing software

C Teleport integrates with your crewing software, sending information back and forth to optimise your crew positioning with pre-filled information.
  • Automatic passenger data

  • Pre-filled crew destinations

  • Flight information sent to your crewing software

Book and manage flights
on the go

  • Easily book flights from your phone

    Use your phone to book, change and cancel flights anywhere.

  • Create travel policies & approvals

    Approve or decline out-of-policy flights anytime, anywhere using the mobile or web app.

Payments made
easy and fast

Choose between bank transfer or credit card and connect to your accounting software.
  • Pre-checked invoices

    Receive invoices after the flight date without changes and cancellations.

  • Customized invoices

    Get the invoice exactly with the information you need.

  • Control your invoices online

    Access and download your invoices whenever you need them.

  • Pay with credit card

    Connect any credit card and start booking right away.

Manage your crew positionings
better and faster


You only have to pay the ticket price and a single ticket fee. Credit card fees may apply.
  • No set-up fee

  • No licensing fee

  • No maintenance fee


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