Change & cancel flights in 2 clicks

See ticket conditions during your search and
make changes in just a couple of clicks. Pandemic or not, business travel can be uncertain, and you always
need flexibility.
  • No setup fees

    Get started with C Teleport at no initial cost. Enjoy clear, flexible pricing models tailored to your business, without hidden fees.

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  • 24/7 support

    Our team around the globe will be ready to help your travelers whenever they need it.

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  • Enterprise

    Flexile business travel is also easy for the enterprise. Get a customized booking platform.

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Flexible booking
is a fact

  • Change & cancel online

    See directly on the app if it's a paid or fully refundable ticket.

  • Free cancellation period

    Enjoy flexible travel with a free cancellation option on most tickets, non-refundable included.

Apply your travel policy

  • 100% customizable

    Create the travel policy that your company needs. Give freedom and stay in control.

  • Roles & approval flows

    Set roles per user. Approve and decline out of policy trips any time, anywhere.

Integrate with any HR software

Save time and avoid mistakes by importing your passenger data to C Teleport.

Curious what real flexible
business travel looks like?

Easy payments and expense tracking

Choose between invoice or credit card. Track your booking expenses in analytics.
  • Customized invoices

    Receive the invoices exactly with the information you need.

  • Pay with credit card

    Connect to any credit card and start booking right away.

  • Billing online

    Access your invoices and expenses whenever you need them.

  • Analytics

    Keep track of all your company's booking transactions in one place.

C Teleport makes business travel easier
for everyone in every team

  • Travelers

    Manage your travel in your way. Experience the easiest way to book, change and cancel online.

  • Travel Managers

    Manage everything in one place, give the travelers freedom to book and stay in control with the travel policy.

  • Accountants

    Keep track of all the booking expenses in one place. Choose invoice or credit card.


You only have to pay the ticket price and a single ticket fee. The price you see in the search screen is the price you pay at the end.
  • No set-up fee

  • No licensing fee

  • No maintenance fee


With an unlimited number of users

Experience 100% online & flexible
business travel management