At C Teleport we work on reshaping marine travel with our automated and online flight booking platform. In the complex field of maritime travel, we made it fast, safe and easy to book, cancel or change a whole crew change in one go. Since the beginning of this year, we launched the C Teleport app for Android users, to provide our services with just a few taps on your smartphone. Now the C Teleport iPhone app is released, which enables more users the comfort of managing flights with their smartphones.

Manage flights anywhere and anytime with your iPhone

The marine industry is extremely unpredictable. Therefore, maritime and offshore companies book special flight tickets for their crews. These tickets must be modifiable at all times and have flexible conditions. Modifying flight tickets is done manually by travel agents. C Teleport eliminates manual labour as it automatically interprets flight conditions.

Having an app on your iPhone, that understands all these complex issues, will help you manage your flights so much faster. The release of the very first marine travel management app in the world enables just that. Just imagine how much more effective this allows you to perform compared to traditional methods. Now you can manage your flights anywhere, anyhow and anytime with just a few taps!

The iPhone app helps you manage your flights

With this release of the very first iPhone marine flight management app, you can manage the flights you booked on our online platform. In the iPhone app you have access to your full archive, view and share tickets, download tickets, change ticket dates, check cancellation rules, cancel a ticket and more.

Opposed to the iPhone app, the Android app already allows users to search and book flights as well as the other functionalities the iPhone app has as well. With the next big update for the iPhone app, searching and booking flights will be included with the iPhone app.

Download the app!

When your company already has a registered account and you have login details at C Teleport, feel free to install the app and use it. If this is not the case, please get in touch with us through our website: