We are just like any other travel agency. With C Teleport there is no licensing fee and no extra charges for using our platform.

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Free setup

Looking for the fine print? Well, we have been so kind to enlarge it for you here: When you fully integrate your crewing software within two weeks, there are no costs involved for setting you up with C Teleport.

Zero licensing fee

Even though we offer a software solution, there is no licensing fee involved at C Teleport. In that sense, we operate just as any other travel agency would.

Unlimited user accounts

There is a place for everyone at C Teleport. All your crew managers can board with us. We can create user accounts for whosoever needs one. Old user accounts can be deleted and new ones we can add. It’s all-in for free!

  • Setup fee $ 0 for integrating your crewing software

  • Licencing fee £ 0 per year

  • User accounts ¥ 0 for unlimited user accounts

  • Support fee € 0 for 24/7 support via chat and phone

  • Maintenance fee $ 0 for using our cloud solution

  • Total amount Equals to 0 in any currency!

We only charge a ticket fee

By now you must be wondering how we make a living if all these extra services and features are free of charge. Well, here it is: at C Teleport we only charge you with a ticket fee, just as any other travel agency would do. That’s it.

Support fee included

We do our utmost to keep our software interface user-friendly. We would like to believe anybody could use it, even without our “Quick Start Training”. However, you should not hesitate if you have any questions. We offer instant support via chat or phone, free of charge.

No maintenance fee

C Teleport is just another travel agency, even though we built a high-tech, future-proof, fully automized online platform. Still, we have to do maintenance. But like any other travel agency, we will not charge you for it.

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