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C Teleport & Leon Software launch integrated hotel booking

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  • Mar 12, 2024
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ROTTERDAM, 12 March 2024 – Building on its successful partnership with Leon Software, C Teleport, a leader in crew travel management, is now expanding this collaboration to include crew accommodations. This collaboration automates the transfer of passenger details and travel bookings between Leon Software’s crewing system and C Teleport’s recently launched Hotel Platform, significantly reducing manual effort and the risk of errors.

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Seamless solution for crew travel and accommodation

Crew travel in the aviation industry often encounters issues like time-consuming booking processes and inflexible accommodation options. C Teleport has successfully addressed these challenges through its flight booking platform, which is already integrated with Leon Software. Building on this successful relationship, the two companies are now expanding their collaboration to include C Teleport’s recently launched Hotel Platform.

The integration between Leon and C Teleport streamlines the transfer of passenger details, eliminating the need for manual data entry and exchanging spreadsheets. Users can conveniently search and book hotels via the C Teleport platform; these confirmed bookings are then automatically transferred and stored in Leon. Additionally, cancellations made in C Teleport are instantly updated in Leon, reflecting real-time adjustments seamlessly.

Integrating with C Teleport’s Hotel Platform offers significant benefits. Its single-click hotel booking feature intelligently suggests personalised hotel options, utilising flight ticket data for convenience and relevance. Furthermore, users gain a comprehensive overview of all flight and hotel bookings in one place and receive invoices per trip, containing charges for both flights and accommodation.

A pivotal step forward for crew travel management

Reflecting on this advancement, leadership from C Teleport and Leon Software share their perspectives.

Dmitrii Beliakov, founder and CEO of C Teleport, remarks, “Expanding our partnership with Leon Software to integrate Hotel Platform is a natural evolution in our mission to make companies more time- and cost-efficient, and travellers more comfortable, by inventing tools for self-managing travel. This enhancement broadens our combined crew travel management solution, simplifying and improving the entire travel itinerary management for crews. We are excited to advance our service offerings and maintain our platform’s position as a leader in crew travel management.”

Paweł Szmagaj, CTO at Leon Software: “Extending our integration with C Teleport to hotel bookings marks an exciting step forward. It strengthens our commitment to delivering seamless, comprehensive travel solutions for crew members. This expanded integration will significantly elevate the travel experience, underscoring our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.”

About C Teleport

C Teleport is on a mission to give businesses the power to easily search, book, change and cancel travel arrangements through an integrated online platform that prioritises user experience. Headquartered in Rotterdam and with offices worldwide, C Teleport serves a diverse customer base across the globe. Whether it’s flights or hotels, everything can be booked, changed, or cancelled automatically. Special features are designed to meet the unique travel needs of crews across various sectors, making it easier than ever to seamlessly manage bookings and budgets in one place. C Teleport is a key player in crew travel management for the maritime and aviation industries.

About Leon Software

Leon Software excels in delivering cloud-based solutions for the aviation business, catering to a wide range of aviation clients, including scheduled and cargo operators, business aviation, trip support companies, and brokers. Leon’s versatile platform encompasses flight operations, crew management, charter sales, maintenance planning, and more, integrated into the digital ecosystem of an aviation organisation. With a focus on customisation and workflow automation, Leon Software is dedicated to enhancing operational efficiency and management in the aviation industry.

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