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New feature: Single-click hotel booking

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    Sam Zakhezin

  • Dec 19, 2023
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C Teleport has recently enhanced its crew travel management platform with an innovative single-click hotel booking feature. This new functionality is designed to make crew travel planning more efficient, reducing the time and effort required in organising accommodations.


Introducing single-click hotel booking

C Teleport’s new single-click hotel booking feature is intelligent in its approach. When a flight is confirmed on C Teleport, a dedicated widget now appears in the flight confirmation and booking details. Clicking on the widget takes users to the hotel booking screen.

This integration goes beyond simply offering choices of hotels at arrival and departure points. C Teleport analyses the entire itinerary, covering layovers as well as long connections, to ensure that accommodations are available exactly where and when they are needed during the flight journey.

Let’s explore the advantages of C Teleport’s new single-click hotel booking feature in detail:

  • Personalised hotel recommendations
    After clicking on the widget, C Teleport offers preselected hotels tailored to the traveller’s journey. The hotel app uses flight ticket data to suggest hotels, considering factors like proximity to airports or meeting locations. This personalisation ensures that the hotels offered are relevant and convenient.
  • Pre-filled passenger details
    Guest details are pre-filled in the booking form, based on the information provided for the flight. This reduces manual data entry and helps eliminate mistakes.
  • Complete overview of bookings
    Each flight booking is automatically paired with its respective hotel booking. Crew travel managers can easily access a complete overview of all flight and hotel bookings by simply visiting the Booking Archive in C Teleport.
  • Simplified booking process for groups
    In particular, the single-click hotel booking feature is very useful for handling groups. When crew travel managers book multiple tickets simultaneously and proceed to the hotel app via the widget, the details of all passengers are seamlessly transferred to the hotel app. Now all the travel manager needs to do is simply click the ‘Book’ button for each room.
  • Enhanced invoicing
    The booking form provides custom fields in which you can add vessel details, like name and flag. This information will then appear on your hotel booking invoice, greatly streamlining the administrative process.
Watch how it works the single click hotel booking works.

Enhancing crew travel management

The single-click hotel booking feature is a significant step in C Teleport’s commitment to enhancing crew travel management. By simplifying one of the most time-consuming aspects of crew travel planning, C Teleport is addressing a key pain point for its users.

Interested in a more efficient way to manage crew travel? Explore the C Teleport Hotel Platform for yourself. Sign up for a free demo and discover how easy and efficient crew travel booking can be with the right tools at your fingertips.

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