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C Teleport & FL3XX streamline crew travel

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  • Apr 11, 2024
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ROTTERDAM, 11 April 2024 – C Teleport, a leading crew travel automation platform, is excited to announce a groundbreaking integration with FL3XX, enhancing flight and accommodation management for aviation crews. This collaboration introduces a seamless, two-way connection, automating the entire booking process and ensuring real-time updates across both platforms.

C Teleport x Flexx integration

Comprehensive solutions for crew travel

The aviation industry often grapples with the complexities of managing crew travel, including the tedious process of entering passenger data and updating booking changes. C Teleport and FL3XX’s integration directly addresses these challenges by offering:

  • Pre-filled passenger data: FL3XX automatically transfers passenger details to C Teleport, simplifying the booking process with enhanced efficiency.
  • Integrated hotel bookings: Accommodation bookings and cancellations through C Teleport are automatically updated in FL3XX, ensuring up-to-date crew travel schedules.

In addition to these features, we are excited to share that further enhancements to our platform are on the horizon, including:

  • Flight booking synchronization (coming soon): This future update will enable bookings made through C Teleport to be instantly synced back to the FL3XX roster, elevating the travel planning process.
  • Automatic updates for flight changes and cancellations (coming soon): This forthcoming feature will ensure that all adjustments are reflected in FL3XX in real time, reducing manual tracking efforts.

Elevating aviation management and efficiency

The integration of FL3XX with C Teleport’s suite of solutions sets a new standard in aviation management and crew travel efficiency. FL3XX users will benefit from an expanded array of crew travel management capabilities, including automated data transfer for passenger details, and a streamlined process for managing flight and accommodation bookings. By offering an integrated solution, this collaboration cuts through the complexities of crew travel and logistics, streamlining operations.

Dmitrii Beliakov, CEO of C Teleport, remarks, “This integration marks a significant milestone in our mission to simplify and enhance the crew travel experience. By automating these critical processes, we’re not only saving valuable time but also ensuring a smoother, more efficient travel management system.”

Stefan Oberender, COO at FL3XX adds, “Joining forces with C Teleport simplifies the logistical aspects of crew travel management with more interconnected and efficient workflows. This collaboration is another step towards operational excellence through technology.”

The strategic partnership with FL3XX underscores C Teleport’s commitment to enhancing its service offerings and addressing the specific needs of the aviation industry. Visit for more information on C Teleport’s flexible and integrated crew travel platform.

About C Teleport

C Teleport is on a mission to give businesses the power to easily search, book, change and cancel travel arrangements through an integrated online platform that prioritises user experience and automation. Headquartered in Rotterdam and with offices worldwide, C Teleport serves a diverse customer base across the globe. Whether it’s flights or hotels, everything can be booked or cancelled effortlessly. Special features are designed to meet the unique travel needs of crews across various sectors, making it easier than ever to manage bookings and budgets in one place seamlessly. C Teleport is a key player in crew travel management for the maritime and aviation industries. With thousands of users around the globe and a dedicated team, C Teleport is on its way to changing travel management for good.

About FL3XX

FL3XX is the leading web and app-based aviation management platform that stands at the forefront of innovation in the aviation industry.
Specializing in Part 135, Part 91, Trip Support, Medevac, and Cargo operations, FL3XX offers the most intuitive software solution that serves as the foundation for sales, operations, maintenance, and management teams to excel in their day-to-day functions.
With a global network of over 200 operators across 6 continents already benefiting from its capabilities, FL3XX also integrates with a market-leading number of services that enable operators to save significant work hours each month, thereby boosting productivity and profitability.
FL3XX operates out of its headquarters in Vienna, Austria, with a local presence in Europe, North America, and Asia.

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