Solutions for marine travel agents

We offer great technology, airline fare content and low implementation fees.

How can you make the most of our platform?

  • Book more efficiently

    Let your agents book, change and cancel flights in seconds.

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  • Our platform your brand

    Let your customers manage travel with our solution.

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Airline content of your choice

Provide your customers the best fares, by combining multiple sources.
  • Use our own airline content

    We have 7 sources to deliver the best fares.

  • Use your own airline content

    Add your IATA licenses or aggregators.

  • Combine yours with ours

    Add your content to ours for the best fares.

Experience 100% online & flexible
business travel management


The implementation fee will depend on the complexity of your set-up.
  • Branded platform

    Your platform, our technology.

  • You choose your content

    Choose the type of airline content you want to connect.

  • No implementation costs

    If used by your agent with our airline content.

C Teleport makes business travel easier
for everyone in every team

  • Travelers

    Manage your travel in your way. Experience the easiest way to book, change and cancel online.

  • Travel Managers

    Manage everything in one place, give the travelers freedom to book and stay in control with the travel policy.

  • Accountants

    Keep track of all the booking expenses in one place. Choose invoice or credit card.

Experience 100% online & flexible
business travel management