You choose how to deliver us the data

Through API, database access, email, FTP or any other convenient way.

How can I deliver the data?

Option 1

Use or create an API

Depending on your setup, an API allows us to pull real-time data from your database. This is the most secure method.

Option 2

Database access

This enables us to have direct access to your data source and provide real-time information on our platform.

Option 3

FTP or Email

You can share an export-file through FTP or email. However, when data is amended we need a new file to stay up-to-date.

Need help choosing the right method?

Quality Assessment

Did we get it right?

After getting access to your data, we perform a quality assessment. It’s just to see if we have access to all data and if it all makes sense.

What if we got it wrong?

Usually, this does not happen. But if we actually receive wrong data or a fair part of insufficient data, we will contact you and find a way to make it work.

Need help to get started?

Feel free to ask. Call, email or chat with us.