Full integration into your crewing management software.

C Teleport securely works with any crewing management software. Herefore data entry is no longer necessary. This provides mistakes from happening and speeds up the booking process.

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C Teleport works with these and any other software platform out there

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Speed up the process

C Teleport is a fully integrable online flight booking app. Integration is done quickly and easily, speeding up working processes and improving information exchange. After integration, destinations and passenger data are prefilled for you.

Booked flights are sent back to your crewing database; eliminating the chance of human error and removing the need for manual labor.

Any software is supported

C Teleport is fully integrable into any crewing management software, regardless of age and design. It can be adopted and modified to match your specific needs.

Here you can find detailed information about our integration process: docs.cteleport.com

Let’s sum them up
Integration benefits

  • Time-saving
    Destinations and passenger data are pre-filled. No data entry required.

  • No human error
    Data pulled straight from your crewing software eliminates the possibility of human error.

  • Flight data synchronisation
    After booking a ticket, flight details are sent directly back to your crewing software.

Start within a few hours

Our integration process is fast and simple. It’s divided into independent steps, giving you the option choose the functionalities you'd like to use.

Seaman suggester

Used to pre-fill passenger data, it only takes a few hours to develop.

Crew change integration

Allows pre-filling of all destination data.

Reverse integration

Used to communicate flight data back into your crewing system.

Accounting integration

Used to send invoices directly to your accounting system.

Book a flight

C Teleport is built with flexibility in mind. You determine your way of integration. Everything is possible.

Who does the integration?

That's up to you.

You can choose to do it yourself, with the full support of our team, but we can also manage it for you!

Integration costs

Whilst basic integration takes only a few hours, you may need our help and support. We provide 10 hours of IT support and development for free. Contact us for enterprise solutions.

You can also find detailed information at: docs.cteleport.com

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