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  • We sell flights online

    >> C Teleport simplifies booking and management of travel for multiple industries, thanks to high automation and integration.

    >> By connecting consolidators, we help companies find the best global fare automatically.

  • Sell More Tickets Through C Teleport

    >> Connect with over 500 maritime companies instantly.

    >> All operations are fully automated, including ticketing, refunds, and reissues.

    >> We assume all risks by making advance payments to you.

    >> We self-invoice and pay you weekly, automatically.

    >> We pay a refundable fee per ticket.

    >> Airline incentives stay with you, but GDS incentives go to us.

  • How It Works?

    >> You create a separate PCC for us.

    >> We connect our platform to that PCC.

    >> Your content is shown to customers of C-Teleport.

    >> Platform sells tickets, issues and monitors them automatically.

    >> Platform pays you value of the tickets and the fee weekly.

  • Partner with Us

    >> Seamless and automated platform that includes ticketing, refunds, reissues and invoicing.

    >> Get instant access to more than 500 companies globally.
    Our platform grows 100% year to year.