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Ahoy, yacht captain!

C Teleport enhances crew travel management for yacht companies, enabling yacht captains and yacht pursers to orchestrate seamless journeys. Enjoy hassle-free travel arrangements that ensure your crew stays on track and ready for their next adventure.

Enhance Leon Software
with C Teleport integration

Search, book, change and cancel commercial positioning flights and book hotels for your crew online.

Ready to optimise your process?

  • Free changes and cancellations
    Change or cancel most booked tickets online during a free cancellation period with no fees—even non-refundable.
  • Pre-filled passenger information
    Automate your crew positioning workflow with pre-filled passenger information.
  • Linked hotel booking
    Intuitive filters and single-click booking make arranging accommodations a seamless experience.
  • Multiple sources
    Find the best routes and flight fares from multiple sources, including low-cost carriers.
  • Mobile & desktop apps
    Approve or decline out-of-policy flights anytime, anywhere via mobile or desktop.
  • Fully integrated
    Use C Teleport alongside Leon Software for two-way data exchanges when booking flights and hotels.

How C Teleport works

Curious to learn how C Teleport can optimise your flight booking experience?
We’ve made a couple of videos for you to check out.

Booking flights

This video shows you how integration with C Teleport works, by swiftly guiding you through the process.

  • Easy airport and date selection in C Teleport.
  • Use advanced filters to find the perfect airline, flight and baggage allowances.
  • Efficient booking thanks to pre-filled passenger data, populated from Leon.
  • Flight bookings, changes and cancellations seamlessly sync back to Leon in real-time.

For a deeper dive into how C Teleport and Leon integration works,
take a look at our free C Teleport & Leon webinar

Booking hotels

Understand how C Teleport’s hotel integration ensures a seamless and hassle-free booking experience.

  • Easy date and destination selection in C Teleport.
  • Advanced filters for finding accommodation that fits your requirements.
  • Efficient booking thanks to pre-filled passenger data, populated from Leon.
  • Hotel bookings and cancellations are automatically updated in Leon. 

Onboarding process

The C Teleport onboarding process is designed for ease an clarity.

  • Usage agreement

    Initially, you'll sign the usage agreement to formalise the framework of our service.

  • Onboarding & training

    This is followed by a dedicated onboarding and training session for all users, ensuring your team is well-prepared to navigate our platform.

  • Account setup

    After submitting your account details, we'll proceed with setting up your C Teleport account.

  • All set!

    With everything in place, you're all set to begin managing your yacht crew's travel smoothly and effectively.

World class support

Did we mention C Teleport support is the best in the business? Our live chat agents are standing by 7 days a week to help you with any questions. Moreover, as a C Teleport member, you’ll be able to open and manage support tickets through our dedicated Help Centre.

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