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  • Dec 12, 2018
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We know the struggle. Booking a “marine” flight for your crews can be quite a hassle. Currently, all bookings are processed manually by traditional travel agents. But because of the complexity of flexible air travel and competence required to manage it, there must be a better way.

There is still too much room for error and there is time lost in travel agents finding the flight you need. Finally, you receive a few flight options, while there must be more. How are you assured that your perfect flight is in between? And above all, you should hope that these tickets are fully or at least partially refundable. Because you couldn’t tell if any of the planning of your crews change last minute and demand your immediate attention.   C Teleport created a machine learning technology which allows booking, changing and cancelling flights automatically. This enables anybody to perform these tasks. It’s just that easy! By interpreting airline rules, we can find a lot of fully or partially refundable marine, public and low-cost flights. And to top it off we also integrate with any HR planning system, to significantly reduce time spent on data entry and travel management.

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