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  • Jun 17, 2020
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It’s not a secret that being unable to make a crew change on time can cost shipowners tens of thousands of dollars, and all that responsibility falls on the crew manager’s shoulders. Having full visibility of the crew changes’ itineraries and the costs of each move is crucial to ensure that ship operations run efficiently and cost-effective.

Crewing managers have a lot on their minds; selecting crews, deciding on which port to do a crew change and all the crew logistics involved to get crews to and from vessels. An important part of the logistics is crew travel. Crewing managers have to look at flight options, availability, frequency, and immigration rules to make sure that everything runs smoothly. There are a lot of parties involved in a crew change from inside the company and outside. In communication with a travel agent, the information comes and goes through even more channels and formats. With all these parties involved, keeping both the transparency and efficiency of the processes is nearly impossible.


Transparency can help the ship manager juggle with all the tasks

Without clear information, booking flights can become a stressful task for crewing managers

What is transparency and why is it important?

Transparency of a process is its quality of being easily understood because there are no secrets connected to it or because it is expressed clearly

Transparency is important for ship managers as it allows them to show their shipowners how and why certain decisions were made. Often, there is a lot of pressure when booking flights for a crew change and it is important to be able to make the best decisions in a short timeframe, share travel information, avoid mistakes and save costs at the same time.

Transparency in your crew changes

So, how can crew management become more transparent and efficient? You can start by improving the way your crew travel is managed. C Teleport is helping ship managers, crew managers and their teams to achieve unparalleled transparency, with automated technology and the use of smart tools:

Find all available ticket options

From seaman flights to public and low-cost tickets, a crew manager can see, compare and choose the best option in just a few clicks. Thanks to the variety of smart filters, the right flight can be found in just a few seconds. The crew manager can filter based on visa needs, luggage, arrival time and preferred airport/airline just to name a few.


Advanced filters help crew managers find the right seaman flights quickly

Search filters when you book with C Teleport

What you see is what you pay

The crew manager can be certain that the price displayed on the screen is what will be invoiced, no hidden fees or extra charges. The refundability of the ticket can also be seen in just one glance, and with just a click the cancellation times and rules will be visible. A big plus is that you pay after the flight is taken, not at the moment of booking.


Transparency on the prices you see, no extra fees

A look into the search results when booking with C Teleport

Fewer invoices, more efficiency

C Teleport’s invoices are pre-checked, there are no mistakes on the prices displayed, and the invoices are sent only for the flights taken, no-show flights are removed. They get sent straight to the accountants but everyone in the team can verify them inside the platform.

Simplified invoicing when booking seaman flights

Invoicing is simple even when you do flight changes

Spending patterns

With analytics, it is possible to have an overview of the spending patterns of the company when booking flights. A summary of the most expensive flights, the average prices and the cancellation rate is available to analyze and spot where the company is overspending.

Spending analytics can improve transparency within a company

Booking & cancellation History

The full history of each booking is shown, including the exact date/time it was booked, or cancelled. This helps crew managers keep track of actions taken and enhances transparency behind the booking process.


Transparency in booking and cancelling flights for all the team

Booking history is visible in the platform

By providing easy and full access to the full booking and cancellation history, C Teleport helps crew managers, accountants and ship owners to safeguard transparency of their work and save valuable time. Want to know more? Contact us and get one step closer to improving transparency in your company.

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