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The easy way to organise marine travel documents

  • Anastasia

  • Sep 14, 2022
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Seafarers and offshore workers are required to carry certain paperwork, when travelling to and from assignments on vessels or rigs. These documents serve as evidence of the seaman’s right to enter a country for the purpose of work and proof of their role/job title/assignment onboard a named vessel or rig. 

The specific documents required can vary a little based on the route of travel, and the individual airline policies – so it’s a good idea to check this out ahead of time. 

What travel documents do seamen need?

In most cases, seafarers require the following documents, or a number of these:

  1. A letter of guarantee (or letter of appointment)
  2. A seaman’s log book
  3. A company contract showing details of employment and the embarkation port
  4. A visa (if applicable)
  5. Crew lists

What is a letter of guarantee?

A letter of guarantee is a brief letter on company letter-headed paper, outlining the crew member’s need to travel. It must include their name, destination, passport number, details of their travel route, seaman’s log book number (if applicable) , the name of the vessel or platform, and its port of registration.

What happens without the right marine travel documents?

Without evidence that the person in question is eligible to travel on a marine fare ticket, they may be denied the usual courtesies associated with these fares – like additional baggage, or a last minute refund. In the worst case scenario, they may not be allowed to board the aircraft at all.

A letter of guarantee serves as evidence of the seaman’s reason for travel, but also as a guarantee that the named company takes responsibility for their repatriation. Most airlines will be reluctant to permit seamen and offshore workers to travel without this guarantee, as they would otherwise be responsible for repatriating the person in question, if they are denied entry at their destination airport.

How to organise marine travel paperwork

It’s essential that all crew managers ensure crew documentation is in order well in advance of travel; failure to do so can result in serious crew change delays, and issues with repatriation.

Managing seaman travel documents is easier than ever before, with the C Teleport platform. Thanks to some exciting new updates, you can now request travel documents for instant download – and it only takes a couple of clicks! 

We offer a range of document templates including crew lists, letters of guarantee, and passenger details; simply select the documents you require, using the drop-down menu next to your booking information. 

The download process is completely automatic, which means no requests, and no waiting around. 

At C Teleport, we’re committed to making the crewing and repatriation process as simple and stress-free as possible. Click here to start your free trial, or plan a demo with us!

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