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Split Tickets filter adds
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  • Dec 21, 2018
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Some routes are not covered by a single ticket. In order for you to get to your destination, you will then have to search for separate flights and plan the arrival and departure times for an appropriate connection. This is time-consuming.


How to book split tickets?

To make it faster and much more convenient, use our Split Tickets filter. This way, the C Teleport app will instantly provide you with the best available flight tickets for the route you need to take. Here’s a short 3-step plan on how to book split tickets, with our new “split airport” feature.  

Step 1

Enter the necessary details to start your search  

Step 2

Use the “Split Tickets” filter, which by default is set to “No splits”. Choose one of the two options, which are described below: 1. Either turn the filter to “Include split ticket flights” and we will start searching for split ticket options to reach your destination. 2. Or turn the filter to “Include split ticket flights in…

… and enter the “Split airport” in the text field below this option on the menu.

Now we will also search for split tickets through your split destination.


Step 3

Choose a flight and book! Happy bookings 🙂

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