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The first smartphone app to search, book, cancel and change flights

Start-up company C Teleport just released the latest update on their smartphone app to search, book, cancel and change flights. It is the only app in the world that does ticket changes and cancellations from the phone. You don’t have to lose time calling your travel agents. With just a few taps on your phone, you can adjust flights to a new schedule.

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Features of the C Teleport smartphone app

With the C Teleport smartphone app you have access to required flight management features:

  • Search flights
  • Book flights
  • Change flight dates
  • Cancel flights
  • Access your full archive, to manage your bookings
  • Download your itinerary as a PDF

The app: a lifesaver in emergencies

It is not just the sharp functionalities and the supercool features. This app can actually be a lifesaver. In real-life situations, your smartphone can become your best friend. Knowing how extremely unpredictable the maritime industry can be, you always have to be prepared to modify whatever you just arranged, with no respect for your working hours. With the app, you don’t have to wait for a travel agent’s response. The C Teleport app is 24/7 with you. So there is no more need to extensively spend your weekend and evening trying to reach a travel agent to rebook your crew. With our app, it’s a matter of just a few taps to resolve the issues at hand.

Update the app

At C Teleport, we are constantly developing and upgrading the app to make booking flights even faster and smoother. We listen to your feedback and modify the app to meet your expectations. To enjoy the newest version of the app, please download updates or enable automatic updates. This way you will always be using all the latest features.

The app is free

When your company already has a registered account with C Teleport, feel free to install the app and use it. It is completely free of charge. If your company is not registered with us yet, please get in touch with us through chat, phone, e-mail or by filling out a webform.

Download the app

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Use your IATA when booking on C Teleport

With C Teleport, you can just plug-in your IATA to book, cancel and change your flights with just a few clicks. This means you still have access to what your IATA offers, but the flight management processes are simplified through C Teleport. Now you can book flights safe, fast and easy!

The first marine air-travel iPhone app in the world

At C Teleport we work on reshaping marine travel with our automated and online flight booking platform. In the complex field of maritime travel, we made it fast, safe and easy to book, cancel or change a whole crew change in one go. Since the beginning of this year, we launched the C Teleport app for Android users, to provide our services with just a few taps on your smartphone. Now the C Teleport iPhone app is released, which enables more users the comfort of managing flights with their smartphones.

Android app available for marine travel bookings

Game-changing online marine travel agency C Teleport is truly pushing the boundaries. First, they made it possible to search, compare and book marine flights with just a few minutes. Along the way they added several IATA-licenses to their portfolio, to ensure their users with all the flight options they need at the best available prices. Now the android app is available, to help their users book, cancel and change flights anywhere, anyhow and anytime with just a few clicks.

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