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Search marine flights, use filters

Our platform searches across all airlines and all flights. We can actually find you a lot of flights. We just want to make sure that you will enjoy the best available ticket for your need. But since you are used to getting presented with just a few options, which may not have been optimized to your needs or requirements, it can be perceived as overwhelming.

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Find the flight that is really relevant to your situation

The purpose of our platform is to present you with a list of options, helping you search your way to get the best matching available flight for your crew. Knowing that a lot of flight options may be overwhelming, we built in several filters, which we monitor, improve and expand.


Use our filters to narrow down the results

Through the usage of our filters, you can really narrow down the results, to finding the best matching flight for your situation. Some of the filters you can use are on price and fare types, split or non-split tickets and avoiding US airports. Other filters relate to departure or arrival time, avoiding double Schengen and there is more.


Try our filters

Log in to our platform and try it for yourself. In case you still have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. We are more than willing to help!


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Avoid US airports filter

Due to the strict and complex Visa regulations, you may wish to avoid travelling through the US. Thanks to great customer feedback we recently created the Avoid US airports filter feature to the booking process.

Edit passenger passport details

After a booking is being made, no details can be changed anymore. The ticket is being booked to the travelling passenger, which cannot be altered, only cancelled. Still, sometimes passenger passport details need to be changed, for instance when a passport expires and old details were still in the crew manager’s database. The rightful passport details should always be assigned to the ticket.

Split Tickets filter adds Split Destination feature

Some routes are not covered by a single ticket. In order for you to get to your destination, you will then have to search for separate flights and plan the arrival and departure times for an appropriate connection. This is time-consuming.

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