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Run out of seats

Recently we released the “Run out of seats” feature. It offers you new options when the seats you chose got booked by someone else. This way you can proceed to book new seats offered without performing a new search as previously.

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Flights are offered on a “first come, first served” basis

So you have searched for a flight and filtered your way through, to finally choose the ticket that works for you. And hey! It’s gone… What just happened?! Apparently, somebody else was looking at the same flight, around the same time. This person just beat you, by booking the last seat available for the ticket you wanted to get a hold of. During the booking, the ticket became unavailable. Maybe this doesn’t happen often, but it can happen and occasionally it does.

C Teleport notifies you when a flight just ran out of seats

Of course, it is upsetting when the seat you tried to book suddenly became unavailable. Or, if you were booking a crew change, and seats for the chosen price came to an end, while you still have some crew members to book for. Effectively we cannot prevent this from happening. However, what we can do is to offer you seats in the next available class for the flight of your choice. If that happens, you will see a new price, for instance:

In case you approve a new price, please click the blue button, and C Teleport will book a ticket for the new price. If you do not approve, feel free to go back to the search results. You will see relevant refreshed new prices for all flights. The old price of your choice will also be amongst the options but coloured in grey and disabled to book.

Run out of seats

It can also happen that the new seat does not only have a different price but also has different conditions like baggage allowance, refundability or fare type. If that is the case, you will get the notice below.

Run out of seats

Just as previously described, you can either confirm the new conditions or return to the search results and consider another flight. If it happens that the last seat in the aircraft was sold out and there are no more seats available for the flight you chose, you will see the respective message.

Run out of seats

C Teleport warns you about duplicate bookings

In case you need to book a part of your crew on another flight, you do not have to worry that you will book a second flight to a crewmember you already booked a flight for. C Teleport always warns you in case you make duplicate bookings for an individual.

The C Teleport mobile app

This August, the “Run out of seats” feature, will become available on our mobile app.


Happy bookings 🙂



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