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Refundability after you change or cancel a flight with C Teleport

C Teleport is the only company in the world that has automated reading the airline rules. This includes suggesting ticket refundability before departure and the refundability in case of no-show after departure. Thanks to this super cool automated feature, we could enable changing flight dates and cancelling flights automatically. Depending on the refundability rules of your flights, you will not get any invoices or credit notes and you do not have to apply for any refunds.

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We recommend you to check the fare rules

First of all, C Teleport always strongly recommends you to check the fare rules of all your flights, before purchasing a ticket. When you read the refundability rules, you will notice that we start with our refundability suggestion, followed by the “Important Parts”, which should explain the suggestion. When reading the full cancellation rules, we highlight the refundability rules. This includes the no-show rules, in case they are different from the refundability rules before departure.

We suggest the refundability for each flight

The C Teleport automated platform suggests the ticket refundability for every single ticket. We suggest ticket refundability before flight departure. So, whenever we mark a ticket as refundable, it means that the ticket has to be cancelled before flight departure to get the full refund. Otherwise, the no-show rules apply. A ticket can be refundable before departure and paid in case of a no-show. With other words, the airline rules for refundability can be very different from the no-show rules. So please, always read the fare rules upfront.

Apply for your refund? We have simplified invoicing!

When you book a fully refundable flight and you cancel it afterwards, you would first have to pay for the flight you have booked and get the refund after cancellation. This works a little different with C Teleport. We have simplified the invoicing structure.

Basically, we send you the invoice after the flight has taken place. This means you only pay for the flights you actually took. The only exemption to this rule is when you booked and cancelled a flight that is not fully refundable. Obviously, the airlines do charge in those cases. So, it is not required to apply for refunds since we have automated all processes of invoicing. All you receive are pre-checked invoices for the tickets that were used.

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