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Product updates: what’s new in C Teleport? April 2024

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  • Apr 30, 2024
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April has been an eventful month at C Teleport with significant upgrades to our platform that streamline both flight and hotel booking processes. Here are the key enhancements we’ve rolled out.

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Flight booking updates

UX performance optimisation
In the travel industry, time efficiency is of the essence. Our developers have therefore worked hard to boost the performance of our platform, leading to a 40% reduction in loading time. Give it a try, and let us know what you think. You’ve never made and changed bookings as fast as this!

Intuitive search expiry warning
To enhance your booking experience, we’ve improved the visibility of our search expiry warning. This feature is designed to alert you when your search results are nearing expiration, minimising the chance of encountering errors due to outdated fare information. Confidently proceed with your bookings, knowing that you’re viewing the most current and accurate fares.

Fare Families on existing bookings
We’ve made fare families visible for existing bookings, allowing you to see the included extras. You can now easily access information on what’s included, such as baggage allowances and change or cancellation options.

Hotel booking updates

FL3XX integration
Our integration with Fl3XX is now live, enhancing how air fleet operators manage crew accommodations. This integration facilitates the pre-filling of passenger details directly from FL3XX into C Teleport, streamlining the booking process and improving efficiency. Moreover, accommodations booked through C Teleport are automatically updated in FL3XX, ensuring that crew travel schedules are always current. Visit our website to read more and check out a detailed video of how the integration works here.

Copy to clipboard feature
Completing a hotel booking now includes a convenient ‘Copy to Clipboard’ feature directly on the confirmation page. This enhancement was introduced in response to user requests and to align with features available in our flight booking flow, ensuring consistency across our platform.

New filter: Electric car charging
We’ve added an “electric car charging” filter to our hotel search options. Located in the “hotel amenities” section, this new filter allows you to easily find hotels that cater to electric vehicle needs.

Enhanced validation on the checkout page
We’ve enhanced the checkout validation on our hotel booking process, ensuring a smoother and more reliable experience. Our updated process rigorously checks guest details and custom fields, aligning with our flight booking standards. This includes validation for traveller details and other critical fields to significantly reduce booking errors.

Special highlights and news

Webinar | Tips for travel managers: How to optimize aircrew travel
If you missed our recent webinar on optimising aircrew travel, it’s now available on demand. In less than 30 minutes, our in-house experts will share major insights and practical tips for efficient travel management. Watch it here.

Meet us at Posidonia 2024
We’re excited to announce that C Teleport will be at Posidonia 2024, the world’s leading maritime exhibition. Are you attending? Book a meeting with us at Stand 4.320/3, Hall 4 and get a one-month free trial!

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