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Port Suggester

After releasing the Airport Suggester feature, we thought we had to build a Port Suggester feature as well. It is another unique and truly one of a kind feature, created to assist you better. In a nutshell, it suggests you with an airport closest to the port, to help you book your flights and crew changes. The greatest thing about this feature? Our users helped to develop it!

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How does the Port Suggester work?

Our Port Suggester helps you find the airport closest to the port of your crew change. Now you don’t have to know the airport of a crew change or Google to check for the airport closest to the port of the crew change any more.

To make this work, we added ports from around the world to our database. If you search for a crew change airport, you can see this in the presented list of options. Some options have an airplane symbol, for being an airport. Others have an anchor symbol, meaning it is a port. When you choose a port, we will recommend an airport nearby or allow you to view the map and find an airport of your choice.

Port Suggester Feature

Please keep in mind, that some cities have both a port and an airport. We do not show the port in the list of destinations when there is an airport as well. In such a case we will only show the airport because you are in the process of booking a flight. Still, our Airport Suggester feature might suggest you, to fly to a larger airport close by. Of course, it is up to you to decide if this suggestion makes sense for your crew.


Your feedback helped to create this feature

Thanks to your questions and feedback we developed the Port Suggester. Sometimes crew managers have to book flights halfway around the world, from anywhere, to everywhere. Therefore, you may not know all the ports and airports by heart and maybe at times, you cannot keep them apart. That’s why we wanted to develop automated assistance as if the C Teleport platform is a normal travel agent thinking along with you.

And so it happened that a crew manager was trying to book a flight and thought there should be an airport when there is only a port. So after searching for an airport that just isn’t there, the crew manager approached us in chat to figure out how to move onward. This helped us to detect a user need and to start creating the Port Suggester. So please keep on using chat and ask all your questions. It helps us develop more cool features.


Happy bookings 🙂



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