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  • Sep 11, 2019
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Now it’s possible to plug-in your own IATA licence to our platform so you can perform multi-IATA searches for the best marine fares.

Even the smallest details can add up to make a huge difference. Especially when it comes to finding the best seaman flights for your crew.

Setting up an in-house travel agency can be common practice for large shipping companies. To do that it is necessary to obtain and maintain an IATA licence, which can help find better fares for certain routes. However, obtaining an IATA accreditation is not a simple process. It involves a lot of effort and resources, thought it may also bring other advantages such as airline benefits or GDS incentives.

On the other hand it hides significant challenges. First of all, each licence only covers one geography, whereas your travel needs most likely are much broader. Also, in order to maintain your accreditation you must comply with IATA’s strict criteria. This consumes a lot of time and personnel resources for your company. And finally, your in-house travel agents need to work on complex the GDS platform to manage bookings.

Here’s how C Teleport can help

Being a flexible crew travel platform, we decided to offer this flexibility also to our customers. Now we can connect your own IATA licence with our platform. We have several IATA licences worldwide which we use to run searches for all queries. By combining our multi-IATA sources with your own licence you can get the best available options for marine fares.

Now you can make sure you get all available flights so you can choose what best suits you. Benchmarking tickets only takes a simple query in our platform. And you can still maintain any GDS incentives or other benefits you may have.

f you are interested in plugging-in your licence to C Teleport web and mobile platform, or have any questions, simply send us an email to

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