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New filters for better results

With the launch of two new search filters, C Teleport can help you find the best flights for your crew.. even faster.

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Are you sometimes looking for a specific airline, flight, or transit airport? For example, you might be looking for a certain specific flight that you have booked or seen before, or an airline that you know and trust not to be delayed, or a transit airport that you know is good at connecting baggage. But the opposite can also be the case; you might also want to avoid certain airlines or certain airports.

Thanks to our new search filters, it is now even easier and faster to find and book the most suitable flights for your crew needs! The new search filters “Must include” and “Must avoid” allow you to narrow down your search in order to include and/or avoid certain values, such as airlines, airports, cities, or countries.


Using the ‘Must avoid’ and ‘Must include’ search filters

You can use the new search filters in combination with the already existing ones, in order to get the best flights right away. They can be found in the More filters menu. 

Once you open the menu you can select the desired parameters and refine the search results.

Simply start typing and the drop-down menu will help you with your search. You may include any search terms such as airline names, cities, countries, or specific airports. 


We hope you find this new feature useful, please let us know what you think about this!

Happy bookings 🙂

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