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NAVBLUE & C Teleport collaborate for seamless crew positioning

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  • Dec 5, 2023
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ROTTERDAM, 7 December 2023 – C Teleport, a key player in crew travel solutions, announces a strategic collaboration with NAVBLUE, a premier provider of flight operations software. This integration significantly streamlines the crew positioning flight booking process for aviation professionals by enabling automated, seamless crew travel arrangements through NAVBLUE’s platform.

NAVBLUE x C Teleport integration

For aviation professionals, managing crew travel has traditionally been a cumbersome task. The legacy systems in use are often disjointed, requiring a labour-intensive, multistep booking process. Additionally, these systems offer limited flexibility, making last-minute changes not only challenging but also costly.

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Streamlining operations: How the C Teleport integration with NAVBLUE works

C Teleport’s integration with NAVBLUE revolutionises crew management through seamless operational efficiency. When a crew member’s details are set in NAVBLUE’s N-Ops & Crew system, they are automatically populated in C Teleport’s flight booking platform, eliminating the tedious task of manual data entry for passenger information.

Users have complete freedom to select their preferred flight based on a multi-source search that includes options from Global Distribution Systems (GDS), New Distribution Capabilities (NDS), and low-cost carrier fares. Additionally, the system offers budget control features that align with company travel policies. A standout feature is the Free Cancellation Period, which provides users with a window of time to make the most cost-effective choices.

Once a flight has been booked, C Teleport’s innovative dual integration process automatically updates the positioning flight details back in NAVBLUE’s N-Ops & Crew roster. This streamlined approach not only reduces administrative overhead but also enhances operational transparency and compliance. The result is a more efficient and user-friendly crew travel management experience.

Seamless, error-free crew travel management

“We’ve always been committed to revolutionising the way the aviation industry thinks about crew travel. Our integration with NAVBLUE is a game-changer. It’s not just about making bookings easier; it’s about creating a seamless, error-free experience that reduces administrative burden and enhances operational efficiency. This is the future of crew travel, and we’re thrilled to be leading the way” said Dmitrii Beliakov, Founder & CEO of C Teleport.

Marc Lemeilleur, CEO at NAVBLUE, added, “Happy to collaborate with C Teleport to not only facilitate crew travel management from a user-friendly approach but streamline processes and unlock efficiencies while offering a new and more efficient crew travel management experience through automation.”

For more details on what C Teleport offers and its different integrations, visit the official website at

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About C Teleport

C Teleport is on a mission to give businesses the power to easily search, book, change and cancel travel arrangements through an integrated online platform that prioritises user experience. Headquartered in Rotterdam and with offices worldwide, C Teleport serves a diverse customer base across the globe. Whether it’s flights or hotels, everything can be booked, changed, or cancelled automatically. Special features are designed to meet the unique travel needs of crews across various sectors, making it easier than ever to seamlessly manage bookings and budgets in one place. C Teleport is a key player in crew travel management for the maritime and aviation industries. With thousands of users around the globe and a dedicated team, C Teleport is on its way to changing travel management for good.


NAVBLUE is a leading services company, wholly owned by Airbus, dedicated to Flight Operations solutions and services for airlines and aircraft operators, on the ground and onboard. NAVBLUE combines aircraft manufacturer expertise, flight operations know-how and agile development to enhance operational efficiency, optimise resources and increase productivity, for safe and sustainable aviation. NAVBLUE delivers a reliable, optimum and customised user experience to more than 600 customers worldwide, in a range of areas, including digital cockpit operations, Operations Control Centre (OCC) systems, Flight Ops Engineering and Performance Based Navigation (PBN). NAVBLUE employs 500 employees spread across the world, with offices in Canada, France, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, the UK and the US and representatives in several other countries across the globe. Discover NAVBLUE’s solutions here:

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