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Marine return flights
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  • Feb 11, 2020
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Now you can book marine return flights for the travel needs of technical staff, superintendents and engineers who are travelling with a valid seaman’s book.

n the challenging marine and offshore industries, it is not only seafarers who need to travel where duty calls. Flexible marine flights are also required for the travel needs of superintendents, engineers or technical staff. Technical staff heading to work on stationed vessels or offshore site inspections is eligible to travel on marine fares. The difference to seamen is that they also need to arrange for their return flights in one go.

Now, thanks to our new feature, you can book marine return flights for your superintendents, engineers and technical staff traveling with a seaman’s book. Simply log in to our platform, go to Office staff flights and click on Also show Marine flights.

Are you not sure whether your staff is eligible to travel on marine fares? Read our enlightening blog post here.

Mobile app

At the same time, we are also developing a dedicated mobile app, specifically for engineers, superintendents and technical staff. Designed to offer an effortless booking experience, it has all the right tools to book marine flights in minutes. Travellers will be able to manage their own flights, without the hassle of emailing or calling a travel agent, or back-office. If you are interested in finding out more, contact us

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