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Are you qualified to travel with marine fares?

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  • Feb 18, 2019
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Marine fares can be very interesting to travel with. It could be an advantage to travel at a lower price or carry more luggage or just knowing that your flight is fully refundable, just in case. The only thing is: you should be compliant. If you are not compliant, you could be denied to enter the flight during the boarding process. Are you wondering whether or not you are qualified to travel with marine fares? Well, maybe this article can help you out.


Does your job have anything to do with commercial vessels?

Whenever you travel with a marine ticket, you must be travelling to, from or at least in connection with any type of work on a commercial vessel. This includes activities such as working on offshore installations, deepwater exploration, offshore construction, working with cargo, providing offshore support or many other projects that are likewise.


Make sure you carry the required documentation

Please keep the following in mind at all times. Access to boarding your flight may be denied if you fail to produce the required documentation. So make sure you arrange this well.

  1. A letter on company or ship letter-headed paper, outlining your need to travel. This will usually need to include your name, destination, the purpose of travel, the name of the vessel and port of registry
  2. A seaman’s log book
  3. A company contract showing the exact details of employment and the embarkation port

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