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Low-cost flights can save your budget

While low-cost airlines do not offer marine fares, they can often be just the right solution to unexpected maritime crew changes or office staff flights, thus helping your budget stay on track.

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Nobody understands the strain of unexpected crew changes better than crew managers themselves. Not only it is stressful, but often it may result in unforeseen cost increases and a negative impact on your budget. Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply get better prices for your crew tickets to begin with? We thought so too. And we made it happen!

C Teleport is the only online marine travel agency that delivers low fare flights in search results. Inspired by our clients’ feedback, we decided to integrate low-cost carriers, such as Transavia, easyJet, Ryanair, Wizz Air and more, into our booking platform, giving crew managers even more, and even better flight alternatives for better travel cost management.

Now every time you search for flights, results from low-cost airlines will also appear in the search results. You can easily filter results based on price or other variables to find the best choice for your crew needs and your budget limitations.

And even though low-cost airlines do not offer marine fares, they can often be just the right solution to unexpected maritime crew changes or office staff flights, thus helping your budget stay on track. Besides, thanks to C Teleport’s user-friendly refundability indicator, you can always check cancellation rules before you book a ticket. 


Get better control over your budget with smart tools

No matter how exciting our new feature is however, let’s not forget that when it comes to efficient budgeting there are two paths you can follow: getting competitive prices sure helps, but you also need proactive planning and in hindsight analysis. That is why C Teleport analytics tools provide a helpful solution to always keep control over your budget. By checking your booking history, you can easily find your price average, and set limits to avoid paying for overpriced tickets when you don’t have to.

With C Teleport you have everything you need to make your job easier in one simple platform. And now, thanks to our new feature you can always stay on top of your cost planning and not lose sleep over last-minute, or emergency maritime crew changes.


Happy bookings 🙂



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