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How integrations make crew travel management more efficient

  • Anastasia

  • Dec 11, 2023
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In aviation, keeping up with technology is crucial. Strategic software integrations offer a path to enhanced efficiency. This blog delves into how these integrations are revolutionising seamless crew travel, featuring our latest collaboration with NAVBLUE.

The importance of integrations

In today’s competitive business landscape, integrations are more than just a tech perk; they’re a fundamental requirement. Acting as bridges between different platforms, they facilitate the seamless exchange of data.

This automation not only saves time but also enhances the overall efficiency of business operations. In industries that require complex coordination, such as aviation, the value of integrations cannot be overstated.

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Unlocking the full potential of crew travel management with integrations

Here’s how integrations can make your life easier:

Speed of booking a ticket
Integrated systems have transformed the ticket booking process in crew travel management. What was once a slow process, often bogged down by step-by-step data inputs, is now a swift and straightforward task. Integrations enable a more rapid booking experience, where the necessary details are quickly compiled and processed, leading to a significant reduction in the time taken to book a flight.

Error prevention
Errors in passenger details can lead to costly delays and even legal complications. Integrations ensure the accuracy of this information, thereby reducing the risk of such costly mistakes. For instance, the list of crew members is directly imported from the existing aviation management software, ensuring data accuracy. Conversely, essential flight details like date, time, and ticket number are auto-populated back into the aviation management software, eliminating manual entry and reducing errors.

Seamless automation and data synchronisation
The adoption of software integrations in crew travel management not only speeds up the booking process but also ensures real-time data synchronisation across systems. This includes synchronising schedules, managing crew positionings, and monitoring flight changes as they occur. Such comprehensive automation streamlines the booking process and provides a unified, real-time view of operations, aiding in informed decision-making.


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Spotlight on C Teleport’s integration with NAVBLUE

Our recent collaboration with NAVBLUE, a leading provider of aviation management software, is a prime example of how integrations can add tangible benefits to crew travel management.

This collaboration brings forth several key advantages to users of NAVBLUE:

Operational efficiency
The integration automates the transfer of crew member details between systems, thereby expediting the booking process. Once a flight has been booked, C Teleport’s innovative dual integration process automatically updates the positioning flight details back in NAVBLUE’s N-Ops & Crew roster. Any changes and cancellations are updated in real-time, reducing administrative burden.

Choice and flexibility
The system allows for a multi-source search, offering a wide range of travel options and fares from Global Distribution Systems (GDS), New Distribution Capabilities (NDC), and low-cost carriers, making use of N-Ops & Crew flexible APIs.

Budget alignment and control
N-Ops & Crew enhances operational efficiency and situational awareness, facilitating the collaborative decision-making process. The integration with C Teleport supports company travel policies by offering budget control features, including a free cancellation period for most tickets for efficient cost management.

Enhanced compliance and transparency
Post-booking, the integration automatically updates the positioning flight details. As a result, N-Ops & Crew provides airline operations with a single source of truth, enhancing operational transparency and compliance.

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A unified workflow in crew management

In crew management, crew planning & scheduling and crew travel management are processes that typically operate independently. Our integrations are designed to fuse these two workflows, forging a unified, efficient management system.

What does this mean for you? A booking made through our platform instantaneously synchronizes with your crew planning software creating a cohesive and responsive management system. This isn’t just about doing tasks faster; it’s about creating a smoother, more connected way of managing your crew.

C Teleport is your go-to platform

As a comprehensive solution for seamless crew travel management, we’re committed to setting new standards in the industry. With features ranging from multi-source flight options to budget control, we offer a more efficient and streamlined travel management experience. You are welcome to get in touch with our specialists for further insights or to explore how we can meet your specific needs.

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