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  • Dec 24, 2018
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After a booking is being made, no details can be changed anymore. The ticket is being booked to the travelling passenger, which cannot be altered, only cancelled. Still, sometimes passenger passport details need to be changed, for instance when a passport expires and old details were still in the crew manager’s database. The rightful passport details should always be assigned to the ticket.

Therefore we created the “Edit passenger passport details” feature. This feature applies to made bookings. You are allowed to alter the nationality, date of birth, sex, passport issuing country, passport number and passport expiry date. In order to edit the passenger details, please follow these three simple steps.

Step 1

Go to your archive and click on a booking that still needs to depart.

Step 2

Click on the three dots, next to the price of the ticket, to go to the “Change passenger details” menu.

Step 3

Now you can change the passenger passport details.

Please do make sure that all fields are filled out. And please also double check, to make sure you entered the correct passenger passport details otherwise, the passenger will not be able to take the flight.

Happy bookings 🙂

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