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  • Apr 20, 2020
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Save more time with our latest feature that allows you to easily download your crew list, customized to your needs.

One of the key benefits for crew managers using C Teleport’s platform is that they can save valuable time. And this does not apply only to time saved when searching for and booking flights. Our effort is to maximize efficiency with every step of the process. That is why we updated this new feature allowing you to customize your crew list according to your needs.

This C Teleport feature allows us to customize the list for each customer adding company logo, emergency contacts and other relevant information. Customers can then easily download a better, more complete and branded crew list, tailored to their needs, complying with information requirements as well as protecting the customer’s corporate identity.

Once we customize the crew list for you, you can download it just as easy as today. If you wish to have this set up for you, simply contact us to arrange this.

Happy bookings 🙂

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