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Crew Change Cancel Button

Sometimes you need to cancel the whole crew change at once. It might be that you have to rebook your crew to another date or airport, or because they will simply not fly this time. If that happens, now you can cancel all the crew change with one button.

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Click cancellation button

Crew Change Cancel Button

Confirm cancellation

Crew Change Cancel Button

Please always mind that cancellation rules apply per ticket. If necessary, check those separately for every passenger before cancelling the whole crew change.

Crew change cancelled

Crew Change Cancel Button



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After a booking is being made, no details can be changed anymore. The ticket is being booked to the travelling passenger, which cannot be altered, only cancelled. Still, sometimes passenger passport details need to be changed, for instance when a passport expires and old details were still in the crew manager’s database. The rightful passport details should always be assigned to the ticket.

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