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  • Apr 22, 2020
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C Teleport is the only travel platform that offers you consideration time for each ticket, allowing you to change or cancel even non-refundable flights* for free.

One of the most challenging aspects of business travel is known to be the high uncertainty associated with it. For various reasons, often beyond the traveler’s control, travel dates may need to change. In most such cases this happens unexpectedly and without prior notice. Especially in the maritime industry, experience shows that changes account for nearly half of new bookings made.

This can make the job of crew managers particularly challenging. Whenever they book tickets for their seamen, they know there is a pretty good chance they may need to change or cancel them. Meanwhile, if they find a good ticket price they need to book as fast as possible. Otherwise the price may change or the flight may be booked out. Therefore crew managers often work with additional pressure in order to secure the best available tickets for their crew.

C Teleport now helps them deal with this thanks to our new Consideration Time feature.

What is consideration time?

It is a revolutionary new feature, introduced by C Teleport for all tickets, even non-refundable ones*. Thanks to this, if a ticket is cancelled within the displayed deadline, cancellation will be free of any costs. Of course for fully refundable tickets cancellation is not a problem. But for non-refundable tickets or tickets with cancellation fees, this feature can really help crew managers make a booking and be comfortable knowing they can still cancel it within a certain window, if necessary.

Our new feature gives crew managers more time to act and evaluate any booking they make. They can confirm with management or their crew if the tickets are acceptable. If not, they can cancel them for free, as long as the cancellation happens within the given consideration time. 

How is consideration time displayed?

Consideration time is clearly displayed for each flight option on the booking screen. The time is adjusted to each user’s designated local time zone. Due to multiple IATA licenses used, users should keep in mind that consideration time shown might differ from ticket to ticket, depending on the applicable time zone in the IATA region where the ticket is going to be issued.


*Some exceptions may include bookings with low-cost carriers or tickets that are final right after booking.

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