Thanks to our latest update, you can see the no-show cancellation rules in the booking screen.

No-show cancellation is a special term included in some airlines fare rules. It means that if a passenger does not show up for the outbound flight, he is considered a no-show. As a consequence, all connecting flights associated with the first flight, even a return flight, are cancelled. 

It is very important for crew managers to know the exact now-show cancellation rules that apply for each ticket. It can happen that a seafarer simply misses his first flight. Bu then needs to catch the connecting flight to the end destination. If he is considered a now-show, his crew manager needs to book him another connecting flight because the original will be cancelled. 

That is why we introduced this new feature to our platform. Before, you could read the no-show rules in fare rules. But we made it much easier and now you can easily find them in the booking screen.

We hope you find this new update helpful. Stay tuned for more 🙂