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Captains arranging travel for their crew: the emergence of a new trend?

Being in total control of their vessel, captains are also in a better position to arrange travel for their crew, when necessary.

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Standing on the bridge of their ship, captains are in the ideal vantage point to manage their vessel, as well as their crew. A captain’s responsibility extends from managing, steering and navigating a vessel, to identifying and supporting the crew’s needs. Also, captains are the key contact for the crew management teams on shore. Therefore they play a key role in relaying communication from crewing managers to crew members.

At C Teleport we have spoken to a number of shipping companies, where captains are actively involved in assisting crew managers in booking the travel for off-signers. This could be related to increased uncertainty due to a crisis, as for example is the case with covid-19. However, in general captains are the first to know when a vessel changes route or plans. Usually such changes also impact the travel arrangements for the crew on board.

Therefore at C teleport we believe it is worth exploring whether it would be more efficient that crew travel is arranged by the captain in situations such as the above. This way crew members understand the choices and can even give their direct feedback on the flights booked for them.

C Teleport’s platform is a very easy tool for captains to make travel arrangements for their crew, while staying in full alignment with their colleagues on shore. Through our platform, crew managers have full transparency on flights booked and can make sure that everything is in order. At the same time, our platform has smart tools such as budget control and an approval flow, so cost control can still be done by the crew managers from the shore.

Summarizing: can C Teleport be a useful tool for captains?

Using C Teleport automated platform, captains can save valuable time and arrange crew travel when they need to. Crew flights can be arranged extremely fast without the need to contact a travel agent on shore. All available flight options are easy to find with the click of one button.

At the same time, crew managers maintain full control over cost and travel policy. Budget limitations are in place for each user account, so captains can feel safe that they are acting within policy. And crew managers can always change the maximum price per ticket/mile if they need to.

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