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Captains arranging travel
for their crew: the emergence
of a new trend

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  • Apr 7, 2020
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Standing on the bridge of the ship, captains are in the ideal position to manage their vessel, as well as their crew. A captain’s responsibility extends from managing, steering and navigating a vessel, to identifying and supporting the crew’s needs. Also, captains are the key contact for the crew management teams onshore. Therefore they play a key role in relaying communication from crewing managers to crew members.

Are captains really booking for their crew?

At C Teleport, we have spoken to several shipping companies, where captains are actively involved in assisting crew managers in booking the travel for off-signers. This could be related to increased uncertainty due to a crisis, for example, COVID-19. However, in general, captains are the first to know when a vessel changes route or plans. Usually, such changes also impact the travel arrangements for the crew on board.

Since the release of our travel policy feature, more of our customers are interested in allowing their captains to book flights for off-signers when it’s needed. Some of them, like WM Offshore, were letting their captains book from even before we released this feature.


What makes C Teleport so suitable for captains to book marine flights?

Ease of booking and managing flights

From booking to changing and cancelling marine flights within seconds, C Teleport allows you to manage all the flights of your company in one place. Your captain can have access to the platform where he/she can search for all the flights available at any time, anywhere. 

Travel policy to control your budget

This is one of the best features to start trusting your captains to book flights. With the travel policy feature, you can set rules or limits to allow your captain to book pre-approved flights. You can make sure that they’re booking within the price limit or with the airlines you want. Take a look at the video demo below to see how it works.

Booking history and analytics

With C Teleport you have full visibility of the flights your company books. You can see who booked which flights, if anything changed or cancelled, and how much are you spending on tickets. It will help you keep track of your captains’ bookings and have full transparency on your crew travel processes. 

Mobile app

The platform is also available for iOS and Android. So your captain can have access to marine flights on the go, and even changing and cancelling are possible from inside the mobile app. 

Customer support chat

In case any help is needed, our chat is available on both the web and mobile app. Wherever they are, your captains can contact us if they have any questions or need any advice. Our team would be more than happy to help.

Plans change most of the time, especially nowadays, when the world is full of travel restrictions that are different every day. Empowering your captain to jump in and book marine flights when needed can save you time, money and stress. Ready to give it a try? Drop us a message on the chat! (bottom right corner)

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