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Cancellation rules on the search results screen

We believe cancellation rules are important when picking a flight. That’s why we added traffic lights with cancellation rules before departure (for a completely unused ticket) on the search results screen. So now, when considering flights to book, you can also judge options by their refundability if you need to cancel those before flight departure.

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No Show Rules - Fare Rules Refundability Suggestion Summary

It helps to have a quick look at the suggested refundability. However, we always recommend to check the fare rules yourself. Please click on the suggested refundability to read the rules and you will be transferred to the full text of these rules. Here you can also find the no-show rules, mentioned on the top.

This feature is enabled for both marine and office staff flights. This is not available yet for split tickets, though it will come soon.



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Crew Change Cancel Button

Sometimes you need to cancel the whole crew change at once. It might be that you have to rebook your crew to another date or airport, or because they will simply not fly this time. If that happens, now you can cancel all the crew change with one button.

No-show cancellation rules

Every flight has a different refundability policy in case passengers do not use their tickets. However, the definitions for these so-called no-show rules can be very different for each single ticket. The no-show rules can also be very different from the ticket cancellation rules before departure. We already showed the no-show rules and the fees, at the fare rules section. Now we display it on the very booking screen as well.

Refundability after you change or cancel a flight with C Teleport

C Teleport is the only company in the world that has automated reading the airline rules. This includes suggesting ticket refundability before departure and the refundability in case of no-show after departure. Thanks to this super cool automated feature, we could enable changing flight dates and cancelling flights automatically. Depending on the refundability rules of your flights, you will not get any invoices or credit notes and you do not have to apply for any refunds.

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