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Cancellation history

See the full history of actions related to each booking.

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Keeping track of actions taken with every booking can help crew managers save valuable time. For example, it might be helpful to see who requested a cancellation and when. This way, if necessary, a crew manager can reach out to his colleague to get insights on why a particular ticket was cancelled.

Especially in large organizations where many crew managers need to collaborate, it can be truly helpful to have all the booking information of a ticket available for anyone.

Our latest update allows crew managers to see the full history of each ticket, including the exact date and time a ticket was cancelled and which user requested the cancellation.  

The backtrack of actions taken with each ticket is available in the archive section. 

How to find the cancellation history of a ticket in you C Teleport account 

From there it is easy to select any booking and check the back-track of actions taken in the relevant screen. 

This is how the cancellation history looks like on the C Teleport platform

We hope you will find this new update useful. 

Happy bookings 🙂


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