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C Teleport integrates with Leon Software, reinventing crew travel management for business aviation

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  • Jun 27, 2023
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C Teleport & Leon Software Integration

C Teleport simplifies travel management by empowering companies worldwide with a seamless travel management experience. Our online travel platform streamlines the entire process, making it hassle-free for users to make changes, cancellations, and handle a range of flights, including those operated by low-cost carriers. Now, you will be able to enjoy these benefits seamlessly integrated with Leon Software.

Marking our inaugural step into the business aviation field, we are thrilled to unveil our integration with Leon Software. This integration sets a new benchmark for precision and efficiency by ensuring that crew members are precisely where they need to be at any given time. In this article will delve into the details of the C Teleport and Leon Software integration, exploring its features, benefits and the transformative impact on business aviation operations.

About Leon Software

Leon Software allows operators (business, scheduled, and cargo), trip support companies and charter brokers to find, book and manage flights for their crews and other employees. The flight scheduling system offers one central dashboard to manage data: what’s more, cloud-based Leon can be accessed anywhere there’s an internet connection, and on mobile devices too. Helping you manage your workflow, keep track of all schedule and crew changes, and acting as a central source of various information within your company. 

Synchronise C Teleport flights with Leon Software

As an aviation company, you are no stranger to the intricate task of assigning crew members to flights. With C Teleport you can book, change or cancel commercial crew positioning flights in just a few clicks, allowing you to swiftly manage travel procedures for you and your team. Integrating with Leon Software not only synchronises passenger data, but it also eliminates the need for redundant data entry or cross-checking. Tickets are now automatically added to each crew member’s schedule, simplifying the critical task of monitoring rest hours for crew operators.

Optimized efficiency 

Leon’s system provides assistance to operators when it comes to crew scheduling for any team. The integrated solution with C Teleport revolutionises the way business aviation handle these critical tasks, bringing ease, efficiency, and control. This streamlined workflow saves time and enables operators to respond promptly to any changes or unforeseen circumstances.

Try out the new intergation with Leon Software

Customer testimonial: ‘A wonderful time-saving tool’

“This is a wonderful time-saving tool and our employees are very happy with this innovation, which definitely eases the daily workload. If you were to ask me if I would also recommend other companies to cooperate with C-Teleport and take advantage of these integration opportunities, it would be an unequivocal yes,” explains a representative from Union Aviation. ‘’The biggest inconvenience faced by crew planners and crew travel agents is when there is a large volume of purchased tickets, they all have to be manually entered into the system. Since all information about the passenger is automatically synchronized from LEON when purchasing tickets at C-Teleport, there is no need to enter passenger data, and the ticket is automatically inserted into the crew’s schedule. Is it possible to do it even easier?’’

C Teleport can already integrate any type of data into your system, from any crewing system through to ERPs, ensuring a seamless flow of information and efficient operations. We are continually expanding our integration capabilities. In the near future we have exciting plans to integrate with other major business aviation software solutions; providing a comprehensive solution that caters to the diverse needs of our clients in the aviation industry.

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