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C Teleport and REDiFly announce crew travel integration

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  • Jun 20, 2024
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DUNDALK, 20 June 2024 – C Teleport and REDiFly are pleased to announce the successful integration of their platforms. This integration creates a streamlined solution for crew planning departments, enabling airlines using the REDiFly FMS platform known as WINops to efficiently book, cancel, or rebook flights and hotels for their crew through C Teleport.

C Teleport and REDiFly announce crew travel integration

Addressing the challenges of crew travel management

Airlines face significant challenges in managing crew travel logistics, especially when dealing with last-minute changes and cancellations. Traditional methods often involve manual processes that are time-consuming and prone to errors. The integration of C Teleport with REDiFly’s WINops system addresses these pain points by automating and simplifying the management of crew flights and accommodations.

Seamless integration for enhanced efficiency

The integration offers airlines a quick and convenient way to manage all aspects of crew travel, including both flights and hotel accommodations. By providing benefits such as pre-filled passenger details and two-way integration, it saves valuable time and eliminates human error, ensuring accurate information in bookings. Moreover, it simplifies the process of booking, cancelling, or rebooking flights and hotel accommodations for crew travel online. With real-time flight schedules and crew positioning data from the WINops system, C Teleport can accurately determine the accommodation requirements for the crew, including the number of crew members and the duration of their stay, while also offering access to alternative hotels in various regions.

Integration highlights and screenshots

The following screenshots demonstrate key points of interaction and illustrate the seamless integration between the C Teleport and REDiFly WINops platforms:

Executive insights

Dmitrii Beliakov, CEO of C Teleport, remarked, “This integration marks a significant step forward in our mission to revolutionise travel management for good. By partnering with REDiFly, we are providing airlines with the tools they need to ensure their crew accommodations are handled swiftly and efficiently, ultimately improving operational efficiency and crew satisfaction.”

Michael Anklin, CEO of the REDiFly WINops platform added, “Our collaboration with C Teleport brings unparalleled convenience and flexibility to airlines. This integration increases efficiency for REDiFly’s operators. Processes can be established to make proceedings and hotel booking processes much faster. All the information regarding crew travel will be transferred directly from C Teleport back into the WINops platform. Then the crew have the relevant information available. Automation of data means no crew are left waiting on accommodation. This also helps crew control make informed decisions and ensures accurate accounting costs.“


REDiFly is dedicated to transforming aviation operations through cutting-edge digital solutions. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Wollerau, Switzerland, with additional offices in Dundalk, Ireland and Coruna, Spain, REDiFly specialises in the development of Electronic Technical Logbooks (ETL) and integrated aviation systems. Their innovative products, including REDiFly Pilot, REDiFly Command, and REDiFly Core, provide real-time communication, data synchronisation, and fleet management capabilities. One of their flagship products, WINops, offers a comprehensive Flight Management System (FMS) that enhances crew planning and operational efficiency. Designed to enhance operational efficiency and safety, REDiFly’s solutions empower air operators to become fully connected and data driven. With a focus on seamless integration and user-friendly interfaces, REDiFly supports the aviation industry’s shift towards a more digital and efficient future.

C Teleport

C Teleport’s mission is to empower businesses to easily search, book, change and cancel travel arrangements through an integrated online platform that prioritises user experience and automation. Headquartered in Rotterdam and with offices worldwide, C Teleport serves a diverse customer base across the globe. Whether it’s flights or hotels, everything can be booked or cancelled effortlessly. Special features are designed to meet the unique travel needs of crews across various sectors, making it easier than ever to manage bookings and budgets in one place seamlessly. C Teleport is a key player in crew travel management for the maritime and aviation industries. With thousands of users around the globe and a dedicated team, C Teleport is on its way to changing travel management for good.

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