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Baggage Filter

There is a new filter added to marine flights: the Baggage Filter. This filter sorts flight options by the amount of checked-in baggage included in the ticket.

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  1. Any baggage โ€“ flight options with whatever checked-in baggage allowance
  2. Some checked baggage (1pc or up to 23 kg) โ€“ flight options with checked-in baggage up to 1 bag or 23 kg
  3. Much checked baggage (2pcs or 23 kg and more) โ€“ flight options with checked-in baggage that is more than 1 bag or 23 kg

This filter is handy together with fully refundable flights filter. Then you can search for fares regardless of the fare type, but specifying the conditions you need: full flexibility for cancellations and necessary baggage allowance.

Piece or weight concept for baggage allowance

Baggage allowance can be offered in pieces, setting the maximum number of bags included in the ticket. It can also be offered in weight. Then the number of bags do not matter, though the total weight is important. The baggage concept, by piece or weight, depends on a route and on an airline.



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