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Android app available for marine travel bookings

Game-changing online marine travel agency C Teleport is truly pushing the boundaries. First, they made it possible to search, compare and book marine flights with just a few minutes. Along the way they added several IATA-licenses to their portfolio, to ensure their users with all the flight options they need at the best available prices. Now the android app is available, to help their users book, cancel and change flights anywhere, anyhow and anytime with just a few clicks.

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More flight options, filters and faster bookings

Since booking marine flights has always been a hassle, the whole idea of the booking app is just to make it a faster and easier exercise to perform. Booking these flights used to be a complicated and dreadful task. Between emailing the assignment to your travel agent and getting just a few flight options in return, used to take up to 2 or 3 hours. With the C Teleport app available you don’t need a travel agent anymore. The app provides you with all available flight options your travel agent could be presented with. Now you can use our filters, to narrow your search and find the specific flight that fits your requirements. This allows you to fast forward and book, cancel and change your flights at super speed.


Booking flights anywhere, anyhow and anytime

Next to speed, there is convenience. We know how demanding and complex seamen flight management is. The flexibility and all functionalities the app brings to the table makes it all worthwhile! Now you can walk through the whole booking process anywhere, anyhow and anytime. It is actually a lot of fun booking flights this way. Especially if you compare it to the tedious, traditional methods.


Upcoming: iPhone app

Of course, we did not forget about iPhone users! Alongside working on the Android app our developers have also been working on the iPhone app. The iPhone app just needs a little final tweaking and testing. We plan to release the iPhone app in the second quarter of this year. So hold on and be expecting.


Download the C Teleport marine flights app

Do you have a user account already? Click and download the app here in Google Play store.



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The first marine air-travel iPhone app in the world

At C Teleport we work on reshaping marine travel with our automated and online flight booking platform. In the complex field of maritime travel, we made it fast, safe and easy to book, cancel or change a whole crew change in one go. Since the beginning of this year, we launched the C Teleport app for Android users, to provide our services with just a few taps on your smartphone. Now the C Teleport iPhone app is released, which enables more users the comfort of managing flights with their smartphones.

IATA license added to portfolio revolutionizes marine travel

The fast expanding, online marine travel agent C Teleport added another IATA license to their portfolio. This enables them to instantly provide better flight options, opposed to other travel agencies. Combined with the app, C Teleport offers a total solution which allows a single push of the button to enable booking, cancelling and changing flights, without dealing with travel agents.

Game-changing marine travel app attracts investors

Startup company C Teleport revolutionizes booking, cancelling and changing flights, with their marine travel app. Their solution, potential and growth have been rather impressive within the past year. It even attracted investors to be part of their expected success and help to accelerate the desired growth.

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