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Airport Suggester

Recently we released another unique and outstanding feature to our platform: the “Airport Suggester”. We created this feature to help crew managers find airports worldwide, ultimately to enable them to book the best flight they need. Now you do not have to remember, search or Google all worldwide airports. You can just find them at our C Teleport platform.

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Why we built the Airport Suggester

We created this feature for a couple of reasons. Since large airports usually have better flight coverage and better fares than the small ones, it is always interesting to research flights through a large airport. However, certain final destinations may not have a large airport anywhere near, or crew managers booking a flight half-way around the world, may not always know small from large airports.

This could lead to frustrating situations. Like not being able to find a flight, just because a small airport does not have the route you entered. Or booking quite an expensive flight, because you did not research the fares of a larger airport close by. Now our automated and online marine travel agent provides you with an even better service through the Airport Suggester.


Airport sizes

We assessed all airports with regards to their size and classified them either small, medium or large. These sizes are based on the number of flights the airports have. After filling out your crew change airport, when booking flights for your seafarers, our Airport Suggester can recommend you with a large airport nearby.

Airport Suggester

If it does not suggest you with a large airport, either you already picked a large airport, or you can open our map and look for a large airport near to the destination you filled out. The map shows the size of the airports and allows you to handpick any airport you prefer.


Find an airport close by

Another reason to create the map is to help you find an alternative airport to fly from or to. Small airports are limited in origins and destinations. So chances are higher that there are no flights available between the airports you picked when you pick at least one a small airport.

Airport Suggester

Due to the map, you do not have to research which airports are close by. Just pick one and click one on the map. This saves you a lot of time, in case you don’t know an airport near to the one you picked.

For example, the medium size airport of Antwerp does not have the same flight coverage the large airport of Brussels has. And most of the time fares are better flying from or to Brussels opposed to Antwerp, even though Antwerp has the second largest port in Europe. The price difference can be substantial, that it makes more sense booking a flight to Brussels.


Our platform: the only automated travel agent

The Airport Suggester is another step in the right direction. We want to provide you with an even better service than we already do. By suggesting another airport that is likely to have better flight coverage and better fares, you should be able to find the best possible flight you need. And it should secure you that you have researched all relevant options. It’s almost as if we have a human travel agent, only we do it automated: faster and without mistakes.


Happy bookings 🙂



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