Data Scientist, Natural Language Processing

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40hr /Full-time
Rotterdam, Netherlands or Remote

Data Scientist, Natural Language Processing

We create state of art models that interpret professional human-written text into structured data and create unique products using it.

About Us:

C-Teleport is The Only Completely Online Travel Agency to Service Maritime and Corporate Customers right from Mobile App.

  • Double Digit Growth per Month
  • Competition Free Market Niche
  • Notable Investors Portfolio

We are looking for a Data Scientist, with hands-on experience in Natural Language Processing, to reshape a Multi-Billion Dollar industry.


  • You’ll be responsible for the full ETL circle of a complex AI solution
  • Improve and design NLP models for classification and named-entity recognition problems.
  • Create a strategic roadmap for the company in the domain of data science.
  • Identify required data for future data models and collaborate with the IT team to develop data collection services.
  • Collect, clean, validate data, prepare it for training.
  • Develop reliable models. Track and Improve output quality.
  • Deploy models to fast and scalable APIs.

Minimum requirements:

  • Minimum 3 years of experience in Neural Networks, minimum 1 year in NLP
  • Good PyTorch skills (alternatively: Keras/Tensorflow)
  • Good knowledge of Neural Networks: RNN and LSTM
  • Good knowledge of Natural Language Processing

Preferred qualifications:

  • Hands-on experience in Full Cycle of Modelling: from Data collection to Deployment into production
  • Sound experience with Natural Language Processing: named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, text summary, text classification – that sort of things
  • Preferred experience with Spark and Ensables

We offer:

  • *Stock Option + Market Conform Salary (*for Senior Position only)
  • Potential to take a leading role in Data Science department
  • Bureaucracy Free approach, flexibility in choosing Modern Technologies
  • Grow with C Teleport in a rapidly expanding business
  • Incredible Team and Working Environment | Glassdoor link
  • Work Remotely or in Rotterdam. NL (relocation is mandatory for the leading roles)

Application stages:

Apply Now, we carefully consider all the candidates and keep data for the future better matching positions if the application was not accepted.


Typical day
In the morning we have a short stard-up meeting, where we discuss operational goals and syn between teams. You update everyone on the progress with the new predictive model that has substantially better metrics than the one before. API will be deployed to Kubernetes and provide scaleable use.
Later you assess the quarterly plan for the data science department and decide to work on improving the ETL together with your teammates. You peruse the latest state of art approaches to text vectorization and decide to apply BERT in the future model since it has proven to have great results. You explain the intended model structure to your colleagues and together with them you work on implementing it. You spin the GPU cloud server to train the model and after many iterations you have achieved the new best results.
Then the model is redeployed to the API, passes tests and pushed to production. The next step for you is to develop a “Continuous training” approach.

Drop by our office any time between 9am-5pm

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