Simplified invoicing

Invoicing made simple, fast and customised to your needs.

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No overspending on tickets

Book a flight
Get an invoice
Cancel the flight
Get a credit note
Check invoice

What are you left with? A stack of invoices, often for the same passenger. You then tediously check everything, line by line, demanding hours of your precious time.

Less paperwork with C Teleport

Book a flight
Pre-Checked invoice

With our automatic system, the invoices you receive are pre-checked. There’s no room for human error, no mistakes in prices and no-show flights are removed. You’ll never be billed for something booked, forgotten and unflown.

Tailor-made invoices

Our invoices are custom-made to fit your needs. We issue them the way you want.

Clear, concise and convenient invoices tailor-made to your needs, processable by automated accounting machines and XML.

You’ll receive all the necessary details to easily track your spending and choose the currency most convenient for your payment settlements.

Control invoices online

Invoicing is clear, simple and online. C Teleport gives you complete access to your invoices online, wherever and whenever you need them.

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