How to integrate crewing software and C Teleport.

What users need How to integrate

This is what users need

We pre-fill passport data during booking. This enables users to book faster and without mistakes.

Easy two step integration

Collect and deliver seaman passport data.

Step 1
Collect passport data

Create a database, spreadsheet or something alike, where you gather and store seaman passport data.

Step 2
Deliver passport data

Choose how to deliver the data. Through API, database access, FTP, email or any other convenient way.

Need help choosing the right method?

After taking these two steps we do a quality assessment, to ensure everything is alright.

Quality assessment

Data security - GDPR

We are GDPR compliant and respect all privacy regulations. You decide what to share, the data is secured with us.

More on data security

Is that all… ?

Yes, it is! Collect and deliver the data. After assessing the quality, it is done.

Curious what else we can do?

Need help to get started?

Feel free to ask. Call, email or chat with us.