Airport suggester

Not sure what’s the nearest airport to the port of your crew change? No problem, just write the name of the port and our platform will suggest the closest airport. You can also open the map and look at the options.

Off-signers and On-signers

Search for all the flights you need at once. Both for your crew leaving the vessel and your crew arriving for a new project. You can enter manually the destinations or with the crewing software integration, they will appear automatically.


Get exactly the fare you need, from marine fares to public fares and low-costers. Filter by visa requirements, departure and arrival times, trip duration and price. Search only within your favourite airlines and airports. You can even filter by fully-refundable, paid-refundable and non-refundable fares.

Ticket information

See all that you need to know about the ticket on the search screen. You get the full itinerary, and you’re able to easily copy and paste to share around. Information regarding fare class, luggage, airline, arrival and departure times, connections, seats and refundability is right there on the screen.

Refundability and cancellation timeline

C Teleport lets you know through the basic traffic light colours what’s the ticket refundability policy. On top of that, you’re able to see the whole cancellation and refund timeline. If you want to double-check, you can read the full airline policy on the same window.

Fast & easy booking

Prefilled passenger information

Avoid typos or any other type of human mistakes. When C Teleport is connected to your crewing software, all the information of your travellers including full name and passport information appear automatically on the screen, or you can also type a few letters and get the suggestion of the seaman you’re looking for. We are GDPR compliant, all your information is safe with us.

Visa check

Check if your traveller needs any document to arrive or transit through the countries in your itinerary. C Teleport uses Timatic to provide with easy and digestible information regarding the visa requirements.


Click the “Book” button, and your ticket will be confirmed right away. You will get the reservation number and the itinerary to download and send to the traveller.


The ticket is issued automatically a few days before the flight. If you need the ticketing number right away, you can issue the ticket by clicking on the “Issue Ticket” button, and the number will appear on the PDF with the itinerary.

Custom fields

Add the fields you need in the booking. For example, you can add a field to let your finance team know what this expense is for, and the information will appear in your invoice.

Change & cancel in two clicks


Free cancellation deadline

Cancel most of the tickets you book on C Teleport within the free cancellation deadline, even the non-refundable tickets! The deadline is displayed on the screen before you finalize your booking.

Free cancellation deadline

Cancel individual tickets

If one of your passengers is not travelling anymore, you can cancel the ticket only for that person without affecting the rest of your crew change.

Cancel an entire crew change

If the plans change for the whole crew, you can cancel all the tickets at the same time with a couple of clicks.

Booking Management

In the “Bookings” section, you can see all the flights booked by your company together with the name of the travellers and the vessel. From there you can also change and cancel, and see all the information about a specific trip.

Booking management

Download crew list

Get a document with the logo of your company and the list with the itinerary of the entire crew change in just one click.

Booking history

See who from your team has booked, changed or cancelled a certain trip. Each booking has a “booking history” where you can see the user names, date and time.

Download full booking archive

Keep track of all the tickets booked with C Teleport by downloading all the bookings archive. This will allow you to make reports about travel expenses and management in your company.

Easy invoicing & payments

C Teleport provides you with an easy and fast way of managing your payments. Whether you want to do a bank transfer or pay by credit card, you receive pre-checked invoices straight to your accounting software and you can also find them online.

Easy invoicing and payments

Invoicing after the flight date

Receive the invoice of your bookings after the flight date. This way you won’t receive an invoice or credit note for every booking that was changed or cancelled before the flight, reducing stress and paperwork.

Send invoices to your accounting system

C Teleport can send invoices straight to your accounting system. The set up is easy and free.

Access invoices and statement of account online

In the “Billing” section of the platform, you can see and download all the invoices from all the bookings made with C Teleport together with the statement of account and an overview of your payments.

Pre-checked & customized invoices

Receive the invoices precisely with the information you need and after the flight date. You don’t need to do the manual work of checking a bunch of invoices and credit notes.

Pay with credit card

We accept all credit cards!

Connect to your crewing software

C Teleport integrates with ANY crewing software, even with custom-made software. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can do when you integrate with C Teleport.

List of crewing software

We work with these crewing software:

  • South Nests
  • CrewInspector
  • CloudFleet Manager
  • BASSnet
  • RadianFleet
  • Adonis
  • ABS Group
  • Danaos
  • DNV-GL
  • Mintra
  • MariApps
  • Whale Software
  • Anker Seacrew Software
  • Your in-house made software
  • Any other software

Pre-filled seaman data

Get the seaman/traveller information by typing just one letter. C Teleport pulls all the information automatically from your crewing software including full name, passport number, nationality, date of birth, etc. Avoid typing errors and book flights in no time. We are GDPR compliant.

Crew change integration

Get the pre-filled destinations, dates and passengers by only typing the vessel name. This full integration helps you save even more time and reduce human mistakes.

Reverse integration

Receive all the flight information of your crew change directly to your crewing software. You don’t have to do anything, C Teleport will automatically send the information that is relevant to you.

IT documentation

We understand that you are different from other companies and that you have your own requirements, data formats and existing software. C Teleport can adapt to your needs, find all the relevant technical information at

Enterprise Integrations

ERP System

Duty of Care

C Teleport can send the flight information about your travellers directly to your duty of care provider, so you always know if they arrived safely and if the place where they’re going is safe for them. 

We partnered with International SOS, but we can connect any Duty of Care provider you’re currently using.

Transparent Benchmarking

Compare all the sources

C Teleport searches globally for the lowest fares with multiple IATA licenses in key countries. When you’re searching for a flight on the platform, you can see from which source it comes from and you can verify that you’re getting the lowest price available.

Connect your travel agency

Add your preferred travel agencies to C Teleport. You can see in one place what all your options are offering and which one has the best price so you can book the best fare. Forget about calling, emailing back and forth and going to separate websites, C Teleport will list all the sources and the prices, and you can be sure that you’re getting the lowest price.

Apply your travel policy

Apply your travel policy exactly the way you need it. Let your team book without worries, you decide which flights can be booked without supervision and which ones require approval.

Assign multiple roles

Assign different roles to everyone in your team, from captains, to crew managers and finance managers. For example:

Traveler – Captains and superintendents can book for themselves or for the crew.

Booker – Crew managers or crew assistants can book within budget and policy to avoid mistakes.

Approver – Top managers, finance managers or other related departments can approve the flights out of policy in emergency situations.

Pre-select or forbid flights based on any rule

Set the rules that make sense for your company, you can pre-select or forbid the flights based on any variable. C Teleport is fully customizable to your needs, it’s not only about setting price limits. For example:

  • Price related to distance
  • Ticket class
  • Refundable/Paid-refundable/Non-refundable
  • Routes
  • Airlines
  • Total duration
  • Visa requirements

See how this can apply to your company here.

Multiple approvers / Chained approval

Some flights might require approval from different people, and in a certain order. Create approval flows with all your approvers (top managers, finance managers, etc).

Approve from mobile or web

Forget about calls and endless back-and-forth emails asking for an approval. With C Teleport everything is automated, even the flight approvals. Receive a notification on your smartphone and approve without even unlocking your phone anywhere you are. If you’re on the computer, you will also receive an email notification to approve from the web app.

Keep track with analytics

Expensive flights limit

Set the limit of what you consider an expensive flight, you can set a limit with price per ticket or price per mile. This limit will help you customize your expenses report according to your needs.

Expenses overview

See the report of the tickets booked each month, this is what you can see:

Expensive Flights – See how many flights outside of the limit have been booked during the month.

Active bookings – Track the number of bookings that are used and not cancelled during the month.

Average price – Get an idea on the average price you are paying for your bookings.

Average booking window – Track how many days in advance your team is booking flights.

Cancelled bookings – See the percentage of bookings that get cancelled during the month.

Drill-down report

Get a report of the activity of each user by filtering expensive flights, average price, cancelled bookings, etc. You can also track the expenses and bookings per vessel.

Customer Support

C Teleport is a fully automated platform that allows you to manage your marine flights at any time, anywhere. However, we understand the importance of the human touch, and that complex problems can arise, which is why we have a dedicated customer support team ready to help you.


Chat with us whenever you have a problem or a question we promise a robot won’t talk to you. Our customer support team is real and is there to help you, you can even try it now.


Your question might already be answered in our helpdesk. You can find complete guides and instructions on how to use C Teleport here.

Emergency number

Plans change all the time, especially for crew changes. We have an emergency number for you during the weekends when you book with C Teleport.