Cost optimisation

Stop overspending with realtime analytics and automated budget control. Check close dates and nearby airports - find the best prices and cut costs.

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Optimize flights budgets

Budget control
Compare dates

We provide you with an instant and transparent overview of all your spendings.

Use C Teleport instead of travel agents

C Teleport pre-fills all passenger data from your crewing software. After you book, the flight is sent back to the crewing database. Also, you can share flights easily with agents, captains or seamen.

28-10-2018 6h 05m
07:28 - 10:30

No baggage Economy


27-10-2018 14h 29m
12:20 - 20:49

No baggage Economy


28-10-2018 7h 45m
12:00 - 07:45

No baggage Economy


26-10-2018 6h 40m
22:00 - 06:37

No baggage Economy


  • Limit by total price
    Prevent expensive long-haul flights.

  • Limit by $/mile
    Prevent expensive short-haul flights

  • Approval procedure
    Some users have rights to approve more expensive flights.

Budget control tools

With C Teleport you can set a limit to the total price of your flights or the price per mile to control your costs.

Perform quick comparisons

Traditional travel agents will provide you with two or three options limited to one particular date, despite prices varying per day. Without a full list of available tickets, you’ll never know if you’re missing out on a better option.

C Teleport shows you all available tickets, within seconds.

You’re able to compare dates and airports side by side, with multiple options; you’re spoiled for choice and guaranteed to find the best flight to suit your needs.

Online analytics

Use our real-time analytics tools to monitor all aspects of your flights including prices and booking patterns and get insights on how to cut costs and prevent overspending.

Check your booking history and see the number of flights booked above average price. Check overpriced tickets booked last minute due to an emergency and determine which tickets could have been booked at a cheaper rate with better planning.

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